140-Hour Hybrid

140 Hour Online TEFL course


The Hybrid 140-Hour International Online/Onsite TEFL/TESOL Certification Course is the perfect solution for people with little or no TEFL experience and who are wanting in-class teaching practice. This means that anyone wanting to teach English abroad can qualify for this course. No past TEFL experience is necessary.

You will gain immediate course access upon securing your course place, and you then have up to three months in which to complete your studies. Hybrid students have an additional 60 days to complete the practicum hours from their course end date. Take a look at our FAQs for any unanswered questions, or feel free to reach out and Contact Us.

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Personal tutor support  |  24/7 study access  |  12 modules  |  Teaching Business English unit  |  Teaching Young and Younger Learners unit  |  Internationally recognized TEFL certificate  |  Official letter of recommendation  |  Unrivaled international job support  |  20 hours teaching practice

The Hybrid 140-Hour International Certification Online/Onsite Course has been designed for anyone wanting to start Teaching English as a Foreign Language abroad. Because the Hybrid Online/Onsite is designed for customers with little or no teaching English experience, it incorporates all 12 International Standard TEFL modules – listed below – and is the ideal platform to kick-start your TEFL career. In addition, this course also includes the Teaching Business English and Teaching Young and Younger Learners specialized units – meaning that you will graduate from the course with the necessary skills and knowledge to feel comfortable teaching all learner types.

The Hybrid Online/Onsite combines the best of both worlds with being able to complete the theory from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace, and with the hands-on teaching practice of an onsite course. The 20 hours teaching practice segment of the course is conducted once you have completed all 12 modules and 2 specialized units, and can be taken close to where you live or are staying. tefl online pro will provide you with your Lesson Planning and Lesson Observation worksheets, and you have the flexibility and freedom of completing the 20-Hour practicum by teaching at a local school, a local business, with a group of students, friends, or with members of your family. The Hybrid Online/Onsite is equivalent to a full-time onsite TEFL course qualification, except that it offers a much more flexible system of study with a much more affordable price tag. 

30th March, 2020. Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the Hybrid TEFL/TESOL 20 hours teaching practice logistics update:

Regarding the 20 teaching practice hours requested when taking the Hybrid 140-Hour International Online/Onsite TEFL/TESOL Certification Course, you now also have the option of completing your 20 practice hours through teaching your classes online. 

The safety of our customers and your students is of the upmost importance to us, so if you need to request further information on this then please Contact Us and we will get right back to you. 

Please note that by teaching your 20 practice hours online, this will not affect how your teaching hours are represented on your international TEFL/TESOL course certificate. Whether you choose to teach your 20 practice hours in-person, or online, you will receive the same internationally recognized TEFL/TESOL certificate. 

Stay safe everyone.

As with all tefl online pro international TEFL courses, the Hybrid Online/Onsite also includes access to our unrivaled International Job Guidance Team services. This means that you will be receiving top-notch, expert help and advice when you want to secure a teaching English position abroad. 

Our International Job Guidance Team will become available for you as soon as you graduate and to date, we have a perfect score in helping find our graduates teaching English positions abroad. We will work with you regarding where you want to teach English, work with you in perfecting your CV/Resume and application techniques, provide country advice, work visa advice and provide expected salary advice. We are with you every step of the way – not only leading up to you finding your first teaching English job, but also at any other time throughout your teaching English career.

We are also experts in the field of helping place tefl online pro graduates into high-paying online teaching (from home) employment, through our extensive research of online language schools, and our international contacts. You can earn up to US$40 per hour, teaching English online, but starting salaries are usually in the US$20+ per hour range.

To further illustrate this, please refer to our latest blogpost: Everything you need to know about teaching English online.

Getting TEFL certified with tefl online pro is a smooth process and typically takes 2-4 weeks from the day you secure your course place.

Study online, on any device – our website is fully responsive. On the go? Work on your course from your phone or tablet!

Our interactive, intuitive, engaging course modules will help you gain the fundamental teaching skills and confidence needed to teach English effectively. 

1. Choose your course and secure your course place. 

2. Gain instant course access and study at your own pace. 

3. Graduate and start teaching English. 

Learner Levels/Types

International language standards
Learner types
Learner categories

Warmers and Coolers

Effective usage
Classic examples
Creating original materials

Creating Lesson Plans

Setting learning objectives
Teacher books and other resources

Grammar Review (1)

Teaching grammar communicatively
Tenses and time

Teaching Listening

Techniques, skills and development
Multimedia in the EFL classroom

Teaching Speaking

International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)
Voiced/Voiceless pronunciation
Promoting confidence

Grammar Review (2)

Modal Verbs
Prepositions and particles of speech
Articles - Definite/Indefinite

Class Management

Actions and directions
Dealing with classroom disruptions
Improving academic engagement

EFL Classroom Games

Importance and effectiveness
Student engagement
Games and activities

Error Correction

Function, objectives and aims
Developing skills and confidence
Error correction techniques


International testing systems
Testing and assessment
Sample tests

TEFL Employment

Teaching English locations
Applying for teaching English jobs
CV/Resume tips and interview techniques

Teaching Business English Unit

Key requirements
Business English activities
Essential tips

Teaching Young and Younger Learners Unit

Teaching children
Essential teaching skills and activities
Teaching teenagers

"tefl online pro were awesome throughout! I had absolutely no teaching experience going into this, but the course gave me the skills and confidence to move abroad and start teaching. Teaching English rocks!"
TEFL teacher in Italy
Chris Daniels
Teaching English in Italy
"As a non-native English speaker, I must admit that I was a little worried if I would get a job after taking this course. Everything worked out fine though, and I'm now living and teaching in wonderful Buenos Aries."
TEFL teacher in Argentina
Felipe Molina
Teaching English in Argentina

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