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This page on the teflonlinepro.com website takes a look at Certification Course Reviews of tefl online pro – reviews written and recorded by TEFL Online Pro students and graduates.

tefl online pro Certification Course Reviews
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As a preface to this ‘Certification Course Reviews – tefl online pro’ article, we do need you, the reader, to be made aware that the Online TEFL and TESOL marketplace is both saturated and supercharged competitive.

The outcome of these variables is that very often – too often – competing programs will attack each other online; either openly or (more commonly) clandestinely.

We see this ourselves.

Many a time we have seen a tefl online pro that claims to have been written by a student or graduate of our program, but, in actual fact, has been written by someone connected with one of our business competitors.

That is, we’re afraid, part and parcel of operating a successful online business.

So how do we protect our company from these attacks?

First and foremost, we rely on tefl online pro certification course customer reviews.

We want to give you an example of such an attack.

A few years ago, one of our competitors decided to create a false complaint against us on the ComplaintsBoard website – a website that we now understand is operated from within the Russian Federation. Once that false review was published – claiming to be a verified customer (you only need to verify your email address to become a “verified customer” on complaints board, a good number of our other competitors decided to add their own false comments too.

Certification Course Reviews on ComplaintsBoard are fake
Claiming to operate out of Riga, Latvia, Complaints Board actually operates somewhere in the Moscow area. It is a misinformation website – the classic Russian playbook.

In this example, we didn’t want to be a regular contributor to a misinformation website – a website that earns its revenue from advertising and allegedly from extorting its victims to have false negative reviews deleted from its platform.

We are against the war in Russia. We want peace to prevail in both Russia and Ukraine.

What we did do, though, was to ask a few of our graduates if they wouldn’t mind adding an honest certification courses review.

We also wrote a review ourselves about ComplaintsBoard on a third-party review website.

To this day, we regularly receive emails from other business owners who are frantic because their business or character has been destroyed by that website alone.

One woman became seriously depressed because of the lies that had been written about her company. We consoled her and recommended that she expose the site by explaining exactly where it is located and how it has no verification process for reviews.

We did this ourselves regarding ComplaintsBoard and regarding our competitor attacks:



Unless a company has something to hide, why not expose competitors and websites for creating misinformation content designed purely for personal gain?

Similar fake comments and fake reviews can be found all over Reddit and on other complaints websites. In fact, the vast majority of Reddit TEFL communities are clandestinely run by a specific TEFL program or a consortium of TEFL programs.

I should know – I have been directly involved in the TEFL/TESOL marketplace for just over 25 years. I have taught English, I have written articles for EFL and ESL publications, and I have managed on-site and online TEFL/TESOL certification programs.

So, I can sense now that you are wondering where you can garner real tefl online pro certification course customer reviews?

Well, here we go! 🙂

1. First and foremost, we direct our students and graduates to the independently-run Trusted TEFL Reviews.

tefl online pro customer reviews on Trusted TEFL Reviews | teflonlinepro.com and trustedteflreviews.com
Trusted TEFL Reviews is an independent TEFL review website.

Mia Williams owns the site.

Mia is from the States, and has lived in Vienna (Austria) for I guess the past 8 or 9 years (?).

Anyway, she is an English teacher in Vienna and she started the https://trustedteflreviews.com/ website mainly because the TEFL course she took had been touted as one of the best. It was actually terrible and she later found out that the website where she found the course was earning affiliate kickbacks from recommending the course she took.

This is why Mia doesn’t allow any advertising on her reviews website – except, that is, for the annual winner of the Teachers’ Choice Award.

tefl online pro has won the prestigious Teachers’ Choice Award four years in a row and we are this year’s current winner.

This is why you can see, from time to time, tefl online pro adverts on Mia’s website.

We are also currently the top-rated program on Trusted TEFL Reviews.

2. Another reliable (although sometimes corruptible) website for tefl online pro certification course reviews is Meta – the artist formerly known as Facebook.

TEFL Online Pro is a 5-star recommended TESOL course program on Facebook
Meta is the artist formerly known as ‘Facebook’.

Whilst we have a love/hate relationship with all that goes on at Meta, we do find that in 2023 a lot of people still use the platform and we have around 100 (5-Star) customer reviews published on our Facebook page: https://facebook.com/teflonlinepro

Meta appears to be going through a temporary stage of self-sabotage – investing heavily into a metaverse that few asked for – and one of the glitches in the system is that you now have to be logged into Meta to view a company’s reviews.

In the past, reviews were viewable whether you were signed into Facebook or not.

3. YouTube is (for us) a shining star because it presents a visual platform where our graduates can explain to you, the viewer, how their tefl online pro certification course was and how the achieved certificate has helped them find online and in-person English teaching work.

The TEFL Online Pro YouTube reviews channel
tefl online pro has graduate reviews on YouTube.

The tefl online pro YouTube channel currently features 11 graduate videos, with three graduates having come back and recorded a follow-up video.

Our YouTube channel and YouTube Playlist addresses:



You can also view all eleven customer reviews on the Reviews page on our school website:


Finally, you can search for ‘tefl online pro’ and you will see our Google Business Listing.

We currently have only six customer reviews, but they are all 5-star reviews.

If you search further, you can find – among the misinformation search listings created by our competitors – resumes of graduates who have taken one of our certification courses.

Some of you who are reading this article might be running a business now, or will be running a business in the future.

A word of advice:

When you become successful in what your business offers, you will inevitably become the target of competitors that wish to keep their share of the business pie.

Our advice is to try and ignore the noise, focus on your products and services, and rely on honest customer reviews.

The customer is always right and if you treat your customers well, they won’t hesitate to leave positive reviews of your business.

That isn’t to say that negative customer reviews are necessarily bad.

Negative reviews (real customer reviews) are an opportunity to tailor your business to the needs of your customers.

The final point that we do feel important to make is how some of our competitors have tallied up hundreds of reviews on sites like Facebook, reviews.io, TrustPilot, etc.

One of the dark sides of the TEFL review industry is that some programs offer incentives to their graduates to leave a positive review – such as offering a free additional course.

tefl online pro never does this.

If you stumble across tefl online pro certification course reviews that are positive, it means that that review has been left by a graduate of the program and under no duress, coercion, or flat-out bribing.

If you stumble across tefl online pro certification course reviews that are negative, it could mean that a customer was not satisfied with their tefl online pro experience, but it more likely has been written by one of our business competitors.

The vast majority of tefl online pro students and graduates are very happy and content with their tefl online pro certification course experience.

Thank you for reading this tefl online pro article: Certification Course Reviews.

Thank you for choosing to take your Fully Accredited, award-winning, internationally recognized Online TEFL/TESOL certification course with tefl online pro!

Paul Murphy | Operations Manager | TEFL Online Pro