Frequently Asked Questions

The purchase of a fully accredited tefl online pro course is just the beginning of a long-lasting relationship between us and our customer. Be it course questions, or help planning your next adventure, if you need us for any reason, we urge you to contact us. In the meantime here is a list of questions we are frequently asked, with some helpful answers.

One of the most common FAQs that we have been receiving in recent months, is whether it is possible to teach English online with the tefl online pro certification?

The answer to this question is, Yes. All three of the award-winning Online TEFL/TESOL international certification courses provided by tefl online pro, train people like yourself to teach English either in a classroom overseas, or online from the comfort of your home.

Upon securing your course place through the teflonlinepro.com safe and secure payment platform, you will gain immediate course access: your login username and password will automatically be generated and sent to your provided email address, and with these details you can log in to your course through the ‘LOGIN’ link in the teflonlinepro.com menu and begin working on your first module! If you choose to secure your course place through another payment method, then it may sometimes take a little longer to receive this confirmation. 

You start receiving your personal tutor support at the same time as receiving your course access and this support is provided through the course messaging system. Your personal tutor is there to answer any course questions and will act as your guide throughout the course. We totally understand the importance of having someone whom you can ask questions to should you have a query, and that is why you will never have to wait longer than 24 hours to receive a response from your personal tutor.

The Fast-Track 60-Hour Int.CertTEFL Online Certification Course is suitable for people with TEFL experience. This means that to qualify for this course, you either need to be teaching English now, or have taught English in the past. This course has been designed to provide certification for teachers who have, for various reasons, begun Teaching English as a Foreign Language without official certification. While it may sometimes be possible to do this, new teachers without any qualifications soon find that they are quickly out of their depth and hopefully realize that it isn’t fair on themselves or for their paying students.

There are no hidden charges/fees when you take your course through the tefl online pro TEFL/TESOL international certification program. Quite a few TEFL/TESOL programs do charge hidden fees. We don’t do this.

From time to time we do offer discounts, so please make sure to keep checking back at teflonlinepro.com to see if we are currently running a course promotion. Unlike lots of other schools though, we don’t run “limited time” discounts which run continuously throughout the year, so if you do see a limited time discount on teflonlinepro.com then it means that it really will expire after the end date published.

The answer to this question will need to be a little subjective because many different people have many different home and work responsibilities. We find that the average length of time to complete any of our three Online international courses is typically 2-4 weeks. This means studying part-time during the working week and full-time over the weekends. You are though perfectly welcome to take as much time as you want. No stress 🙂

Having a degree is not mandatory for taking your international TEFL course with tefl online pro, but for certain countries a degree is required for the work visa process. If for example you want to teach English in Europe, Central or South America or most Southeast Asian countries, you won’t need a college degree. If as another example you have your heart set on teaching in China, South Korea or Japan then you will be required to hold a degree as part of the work visa process. 

Absolutely! While it’s a fact that the majority of our customers are native English speakers, we also welcome students from non-native English-speaking backgrounds. Over the years we have trained up customers from all over the world and such is the huge demand for English teachers that we have been able to maintain our perfect employment success rate, for both our native and non-native English speakers.

Course certificates are issued electronically and/or in hard-copy form – depending upon your preference – from 24 hours after official completion of the course. It usually takes us just a few days to issue course certificates. Please remember that you will also receive from us an official letter of recommendation, and this is issued together with your course certificate. Once you receive your certificate, you are in the driving seat and qualified to begin teaching English online/worldwide

tefl online pro course certificates do stipulate the number of hours studied, and the number of teaching practice hours taught if you have taken the Hybrid 140-Hour Int.CertTEFL Online/Onsite Certification Course, but nowhere on your certificate does it state that your international certification course was taken online.

Yes, you can. All three award-winning tefl online pro TEFL/TESOL certification courses are fully accredited and internationally recognized. The 120-Hour Professional and 140-Hour Hybrid courses certification awarded is equivalent to the Level 5 TEFL and the CELTA/Trinity CertTESOL qualifications. Our graduates are teaching online and all over the world. Our International Job Guidance Team will help you with your choice of teaching location and will assist you through the process of applying for teaching positions. Currently, the most popular teaching English destinations are in Europe and Southeast Asia. Teaching English online is also currently very popular.

tefl online pro international certificates do not have an expiry date and are valid for as long as you choose your teaching English abroad career will be for.

This is really up to you. We find that many of our customers choose to begin teaching English abroad immediately after course graduation, but if you need a break between course completion and starting teaching then it is completely your choice. This means that you can choose to start teaching at any time after course completion: if you want to begin straight away then our International Job Guidance Team will help arrange this for you, and if you have other commitments then our International Job Guidance Team will help you at a later time.

We can’t pull a figure out of the air and say that is what you will be earning because salaries vary from country to country and from school to school. Wherever you will be teaching, you can expect to be earning above the country’s national average. For example, it is possible to earn as much as $4,000 USD per month in South Korea and as little as $10 USD per hour in Ecuador. Some customers choose teaching location over money, and others choose money over teaching location. And some customers choose both 🙂 The tefl online pro International Job Guidance Team will help you in making a well-informed choice as to where you want to teach English and as to the best location for earning the salary you are wanting to earn.

With an international TEFL certificate from tefl online pro, you can teach and travel in almost any country you’ve dreamed of living in – from the exhilarating cities and exotic coastlines of Thailand, to the medieval towns and Bohemian countryside of the Czech Republic. It is important to note with this answer, that you shouldn’t realistically be expecting to teach English on a beach. Many schools do use the concept of beaches very strongly on their school website homepages and we do feel that this is a little misleading, to put it lightly. In reality, you will usually find yourself teaching in a city or large town – miles away from a beach – and this is of course where the well-heeled live: the people who will be taking your English lessons. Don’t fret though because a beach is never that far away and one of the great things about teaching English is the long weekends and holidays.

While teaching children is an incredibly rewarding experience, we also understand that some of our customers would rather avoid teaching this demographic. Your choice of students definitely isn’t limited to teaching children, and there is an equal amount of teaching English work available teaching teenagers and adults. So, if you want to teach English to children then the opportunities are there for you. And likewise, if you would rather teach teenagers or adults, then you’ll have equal opportunities to teach this demographic too.

Yes! This is one element of our service which distinguishes us from the competition. We have years of combined teaching English and travel experience and are experts in the field. This means that you will be receiving top-notch, expert help and advice when you want to secure a teaching English position abroad. Our International Job Guidance Team will become available to you as soon as you graduate and to date, we have a perfect score in helping to find our graduates teaching English positions abroad. We will work with you regarding where you want to teach English, work with you in perfecting your CV/Resume and application methods, provide country advice, provide work visa advice and provide expected salary advice. And we will be with you every step of the way: not only leading up to you finding your first teaching English job, but also at any other time throughout your teaching English career. Where will you teach English?

While we don’t take care of work visas, we do offer support in the form of information and advice. As an example, we recently had a graduate who had questions regarding the Cambodia long-term visa requirements. She was confused by all of the conflicting information that she found on the web and just wanted a simple, straightforward answer. We were able to help her out by letting her know the updated long-term visa requirements for 2019. You see, the issue with researching information on the web is that a lot of it isn’t updated to reflect current fact. But by having contacts on the ground, living in Cambodia, we were able to find out the exact information which our customer needed by simply making one phone call.

This is a bit of a tricky question to answer because the answer depends on the type of recruitment policy a particular school might have. In general though we can confidently state that there isn’t an official age limit to teaching English abroad. At tefl online pro we firmly believe that age, gender or race should never play a role in determining whether a person is suitable for a teaching English position. 

Absolutely! Whether you’re a fresh graduate or simply wanting a change of teaching English location, the tefl online pro International Job Guidance Team is here to advise and help you at any time during your teaching English abroad career. We are really proud of our service and love helping our graduates find their way in the world. We always respond to email requests within 24 hours, so if you have a general question or an urgent request please feel absolutely free to reach out and contact us, and we will get right back to you.

Where will you teach English?