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We are experts in the field of helping place tefl online pro graduates into high-paying online and in-person employment, through our extensive international contacts and language school partnerships.

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To start you off, we have compiled an essential guide for teaching English online and a number of essential guides for various TEFL worldwide teaching locations.

These can be found on the tefl online pro school Blog pages.

tefl online pro is Fully Accredited and internationally recognized and our teachers tend to land online or in-person teaching English job positions within four weeks of course completion. Of course, though, it is entirely up to you when you wish to begin your teaching adventure.

Teaching English presents a fantastic opportunity of seeing the world and funding your travels along the way. The global demand for English teachers (online and in-person) is high and the salaries can be high too, depending, of course, on who and where you teach.

Popular teaching English destinations tend to be grouped together on the Asian and European continents, but wherever you want to teach English, it is highly probable that TEFL jobs are available there.

Our graduates teach English online and in-person in any country where there is demand for TEFL/TESOL qualified teachers.

tefl online pro has helped thousands of graduates find teaching jobs online and worldwide, and there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t join them.

Examples of where some of our graduates are currently teaching English can be found in the Reviews section of the teflonlinepro.com website: https://teflonlinepro.com/tefl-online-pro-reviews/ 

Here you can view video testimonials of tefl online pro students that have left a review of their course study experience, and have left a follow-up video review where they describe their job experience since completing the course. 

These videos can also be viewed on the https://teflonlinepro.com/ homepage.

Please now find answers below to some of the more popular TEFL Jobs questions:

Who can I expect to be teaching English?

If teaching adults, you’ll have the option of teaching either Business or General English in classrooms or on location at companies, where your classes will consist of small groups or individual students. With the teaching adults scenario, you can expect to be teaching students who already have at least a basic grasp of the English language as Beginners and False Beginners tend to be taught by local teachers who are more easily able to communicate the grammar fundamentals. Each language level does have its own challenges but as a general rule, the higher the level the less demanding your lessons will seem and the less time you will need to spend on lesson preparation. 

Teaching English to teenagers, young learners and very young learners is a popular choice for teachers wishing to teach in countries such as China, where class numbers are often high and where you can expect to face the challenge of teaching multiple students with multiple learner levels. Teaching children is definitely a much more demanding path to take, but the rewards are there in the form of higher salaries and a job satisfaction which can only be attained through teaching young minds.

The third teaching option, which has become increasingly popular over the last five years, is teaching English online. One of the main reasons for this teaching method’s popularity is that it offers time flexibility: lesson times are arranged as per mutual agreement between the teacher and student, and both the teacher and student enjoy the luxury of having the lesson from the comfort of their own home or office and without the need to spend time and money traveling out to the classroom location.

At what times of the day can I expect to be teaching English?

If teaching children, your classes will run in accordance with the standard school day of whichever region you have chosen to teach in. And if you are teaching adults, you would normally expect to be busy in the mornings and late afternoons/evenings and have your afternoons free.

Where can I expect to be teaching?

It has become somewhat vogue for many Online TEFL schools to copy-and-paste exotic white sand beach images on their homepages in the hope of winning customers who identify with the cool breezes of tropical coastlines. What is very important to understand is that it is extremely unlikely that you will get to teach English on a beach. Besides, we know that you are far too smart to believe otherwise. The vast majority of classes take place in the larger cities, where there is the money available for people to afford English classes. One of the major positives of teaching English is that you’ll often find yourself with long weekends freed up, and, of course, those extended summer holidays, and it’s at these times when you will have the opportunity of traveling and feeling the freedom afforded of teaching English abroad.

How much can I expect to earn Teaching English as a Foreign Language?

Teaching English salaries vary widely, depending on where and who you choose to teach. The highest salaries are to be found teaching in locations such as Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and United Arab Emirates. As an example, you can earn up to $5,000 USD per month in Japan. In Europe, you can expect to be earning a decent local wage – meaning you probably won’t be able to afford to buy a car, but you’ll earn enough to fund your lifestyle and be able to afford weekend trips and holidays.

Online teachers can expect to earn between US$20 and US$40 per hour. It is possible to earn much less and much more, but US$20-US$40 is a realistic range.

Does tefl online pro organize job placements or internships?

We don’t organize job placements or internships and the reason for this is because if we were starting out as English teachers again, we wouldn’t accept a placement or internship teaching job. There are just so many teaching opportunities out there, so why accept a job which will offer a lower-than-standard starting salary? Many schools do offer both these options as a way of guaranteeing employment for their graduates, but we don’t recommend either option because in many examples the school gets a cut of your wages as the middle person in the agreement, and also because these types of employment almost always come with extremely strict contractual terms. An internship to gain experience or a placement to guarantee work might initially seem like an attractive offer, but when you take your TEFL certification with a company that provides ongoing job support there is absolutely no reason to play it safe and opt for second best. 

How will tefl online pro help me find a teaching job after graduation?

Access to our International Job Guidance Team kicks in as soon as you have completed your tefl online pro certification course. This is one element of our service which distinguishes us from the competition and to date, we have a perfect score in helping to find our graduates teaching English positions online and abroad/overseas.

Firstly, we issue your course certificate and official letter of recommendation within seven days of course completion. Your course certificate is internationally recognized and is your ticket to teaching English online and abroad/overseas. The official letter of recommendation acts as a 5-star review of your performance, and includes a breakdown of your course study. If you already know where you will be teaching, we get to work straight away on researching schools and current available teaching positions. If you haven’t already decided where you want to teach, we will work with you, suggesting locations and working with you to see where the best fit will be for you. We assist with getting your CV/Resume up to scratch, and providing essential tips on the best method of making first contact with schools, how to follow up on a teaching English application and how to approach the job interview with your best foot forward first. In addition, we can conduct a work visa search for you, which will save you a lot of time and unnecessary headache in the process. 

Our International Job Guidance Team service is available for you at any time during your teaching English career. It doesn’t just stop once you have secured your first teaching position.

We have years of combined teaching English and travel experience and are experts in the field. This means that you will be receiving top-notch, expert help and advice through the tefl online pro International Job Guidance Team when you want to secure a teaching English position online and abroad/overseas.

Paul Murphy and the tefl online pro Team.

“International Online TEFL/TESOL course certification at its best.” 

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Live like a local

Teaching English abroad opens up the mind into what being a local is all about. You'll quickly get to know the places that only the locals are familiar with. Teach. Travel. Be globally savvy.

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Go off the beaten path

There's a whole world out there waiting to be explored. You can teach English worldwide, so why not go somewhere less visited for that unique teach and travel experience. Teach. Travel. Explore.

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Gain new experiences

Meet new people by experiencing unique customs and cultures. Teaching English will fund your travels so you can see places you've always dreamed of visiting. Teach. Travel. Experience.

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All 3 tefl online pro TEFL certification courses are internationally recognized.

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