Why us?

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Why choose tefl online pro?


Why choose tefl online pro?

One of the reasons for choosing to take your international TEFL/TESOL certification course through the tefl online pro certification program, is the consistently positive feedback that we receive from our customers.

Reviews are big business and some of the more unscrupulous programs will direct their potential customers to seemingly trustworthy third-party websites, such as Trustpilot, where the authenticity of their reviews published are often questionable – many are paid reviews from people who have never taken their courses.

Three excellent sources for (customer verified) tefl online pro reviews:

  1. The tefl online pro company Facebook page:


2. Trusted TEFL Reviews – the independent Online TEFL/TESOL reviews website:



3. Video Testimonials:

TEFL Online Pro Reviews | Astrid | Professional 120-Hour

Astrid’s TEFL Online Pro review describes her https://teflonlinepro.com/ 120-Hour (Professional) TEFL/TESOL study experience, and she discusses her future teaching English plans.

TEFL Online Pro Reviews | Noor | Teaching English Online

Noor’s TEFL Online Pro review outlines her 140-Hour (Hybrid) https://teflonlinepro.com/ TEFL/TESOL course experience, and she speaks about teaching English online.

TEFL Online Pro Reviews | Nico | 140-Hour Hybrid

Nico, a recent https://teflonlinepro.com/ graduate, provides his TEFL Online Pro review of the 140-Hour Hybrid international TEFL/TESOL certification course.

TEFL Online Pro Reviews | Annelise | Teaching in Austria

Annelise, from the USA, gives her TEFL Online Pro review of the https://teflonlinepro.com/ 120-Hour Professional Online TEFL/TESOL international certification course.

TEFL Online Pro Reviews | Alison | Teaching Entrepreneurship

Alison, from the UK, is a recent https://teflonlinepro.com/ course graduate. This is her TEFL Online Pro review of the 120-Hour Professional Online TEFL/TESOL international certification course.

12 more reasons why you should choose to take your international TEFL/TESOL certification with tefl online pro:

  1. Our payment options are safe and secure.
  2. We always respond to emails/messages/calls within 24 hours.
  3. Feedback on lesson plan assignments and answers to course questions are responded to by a real person.
  4. All three of our award-winning courses come with complimentary (24/7) online tutor support.
  5. All three of our award-winning courses have been designed by experts in their fields.
  6. All three of our award-winning, user-friendly courses are fully responsive – study on a laptop, phone, or tablet.
  7. There are no hidden fees – the advertised course fee is the only payment that you will be requested to make.
  8. All of our customers receive an Official Letter of Recommendation upon course completion.
  9. We issue course certificates within a couple of days of course completion.
  10. Graduates of the program enjoy lifetime access to the tefl online pro International Job Guidance Team.
  11. The certification awarded is equivalent to the CELTA/Level 5 TEFL/TESOL qualification.
  12. The certification awarded is internationally recognized – our graduates teach English worldwide.

At tefl online pro we run three internationally recognized TEFL certification courses: 

Fast-Track 60-Hour Int.CertTEFL Online

Professional 120-Hour Int.CertTEFL Online

Hybrid 140-Hour Int.CertTEFL Online/Onsite

We pride ourselves on offering the highest-quality experience in both your course studies and in preparing you for your teaching English abroad career. The quality of our education, student experience, course and post-course support is at the heart of everything we do at tefl online pro and our course programs record 100% student satisfaction. 

Our three internationally recognized TEFL certification courses having been designed by experts in their field and encourage and emphasize the importance of real-life teaching scenarios, combined with the essential course study components as outlined by international TEFL standards. This means that your tefl online pro experience will fully prepare you for life as a qualified and confident Teacher of English as a Foreign Language abroad.

We are also experts in the field of helping place tefl online pro graduates into high-paying online teaching (from home) employment, through our extensive research of online language schools.

Unlike many Online TEFL programs, we offer you a much more personalized experience, with our personal tutor support and perfect score in helping find our graduates teaching English positions abroad. From the outset as a tefl online pro graduate we assist with perfecting your CV/Resume and application techniques, provide country advice, work visa advice and provide expected salary advice. We are here for you, not only leading up to you finding your first teaching English job but also at any other time throughout your teaching English career.

 Your time with tefl online pro will provide you with experiences which will shape your future.

Paul Murphy and the tefl online pro Team.

“International Online TEFL/TESOL course certification at its best.”  – Trusted TEFL Reviews

International TEFL/TESOL certification courses Online

Our mission is to provide all our customers who take a tefl online pro international TEFL/TESOL certification course with the highest level of training and support so as to confidently succeed in their teaching English careers abroad. We aim to inspire people – regardless of age, gender, or race – to realize their teach and travel dreams and make them a reality. We work hard every day to make tefl online pro the world’s most respected Online TEFL certification program by giving our customers the highest quality Online TEFL/TESOL training and top-notch support. We are with you every step of the way. 

Shanghai skyline

Teach in Asia

With some of the highest paid teaching English salaries worldwide, Asia has for many years now been the go-to TEFL destination for those teachers wanting to teach and save. tefl online pro will help you find teaching English work throughout the Asian continent.

Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Teach in S. America

From the Samba and Bossa Nova breezes of Brazil to the tropical Andes rain forests and rustic city charms of Ecuador, tefl online pro will help you find teaching English work throughout the South American continent, and further north in Central America.

The Charles Bridge in Prague

Teach in Europe

Do you picture yourself reading Kafka and sinking Pilsner Urquell beers in Prague, or eying Gaudí architecture and eating tapas on Barcelona's sun-soaked beaches? tefl online pro will help you find teaching English work throughout the European continent.

Personal tutor support

Your personal tutor is there for you whenever you have a course question.

International certification

All 3 tefl online pro TEFL certification courses are internationally recognized.

Worldwide job guidance

We have a perfect score in helping find our graduates teaching positions abroad.

Unrivaled post-course support

Reach out to us for support at any time during your teaching career.

"Communication with the tefl online pro team was great and I really liked how they would always promptly reply to my messages. I never had to wait more than 24 hours for a response."
TEFL teacher in Turkey
Mary Spencer
Teaching English in Turkey
"Even though I'm not technically a native English speaker, I decided to go for it and had little difficulty finding work here. It wouldn't have been possible without this certification."
TEFL teachers in Thailand
Adriana Mills
Teaching English in Cambodia

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