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tefl online pro News – September 12th, 2023.

tefl online pro wins the prestigious Teachers’ Choice Award for the fifth year in a row.

Each year, Trusted TEFL Reviews asks language schools, universities, current English teachers, and recent Online TEFL/TESOL course graduates to take part in the Online TEFL/TESOL international certification course Teachers’ Choice Award by voting for their favorite Online TEFL/TESOL international certification course program.

We want to thank everyone who voted tefl online pro the online TEFL/TESOL international certification course Teachers’ Choice Award winner, 2023.

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tefl online pro News – June 15th, 2023.

tefl online pro is in the process of collecting more customer video reviews to add to the tefl online pro YouTube channel.

We currently have eleven customer video reviews published on our YouTube channel. These eleven videos are displayed immediately below this June 15th news update.

Video reviews are an excellent medium in which potential and existing customers can gain a visual element to the reviews left by our customers.

If you have taken a tefl online pro certification course and would like to record a video testimonial for us, please feel free to contact us:

tefl online pro customer video reviews that are currently published online:

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