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Have you ever dreamed of living and working abroad? Imagine yourself stopping off at your local pâtisserie on your usual route through the cobbled Paris streets to reach your morning classes, or picturing yourself catching a Thursday evening auto rickshaw home from school and getting ready for a long weekend away kicking back on a southern Thailand island. At tefl online pro we have helped thousands of graduates find teaching jobs worldwide, and there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t join them.

Teaching English abroad enables you to live an authentic local experience where you get to meet people you would never have had the opportunity of meeting otherwise. And you will also get to know other expats like yourself, who have also taken the plunge and gone for it. 

Teaching English as a Foreign Language affords you the freedom and opportunity of discovering and reinventing yourself. And who knows? You might just meet that one particularly special local who makes you want to settle abroad permanently in a life-changing relationship. Then you’ll have 2 places where you can call home and you’ll be able to show family and friends around when they travel out to visit you.

Wherever you want to live and teach, the opportunities are waiting for you. Teach. Travel. Experience.

We are also experts in the field of helping place tefl online pro graduates into high-paying online teaching (from home) employment, through our extensive research of online language schools and our international contacts. You can earn up to US$40 per hour, teaching English online, but starting salaries are usually in the US$20+ per hour range.

60-Hour Int.CertTEFL Online
Suitable for people with TEFL experience.
Personal tutor support
24/7 study access
8 modules
Internationally recognized TEFL certificate
Official letter of recommendation
Unrivaled international job support
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140-Hour Int.CertTEFL Online/Onsite
Suitable for people wanting in-class teaching practice.
Personal tutor support
24/7 study access
12 modules
Teaching Business English unit
Teaching Young and Younger Learners unit
Internationally recognized TEFL certificate
Official letter of recommendation
Unrivaled international job support
20 hours teaching practice
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Personal tutor support

Your personal tutor is there for you whenever you have a course question.

International certification

All 3 tefl online pro TEFL certification courses are internationally recognized.

Worldwide job guidance

We have a perfect score in helping find our graduates teaching positions abroad.

Unrivaled post-course support

Reach out to us for support at any time during your teaching career.

"Having taught (unqualified) in Paris for a year, I made the wise decision to get TEFL qualified with tefl online pro. The Fast-Track course was perfect for my needs and budget and it has helped increase my confidence."
TEFL teacher in Paris
Andrew Larkin
Teaching English in France
"A huge Thank You to the tefl online pro job guidance team who put up with my many, many, many questions and who ultimately made my dream of teaching English in Lisbon a reality :)"
TEFL teacher in Portugal
Rachael Williams
Teaching English in Portugal

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